Thursday, January 17, 2008

The People Who Hang On to KK

The buzz is that the finger-licking-burger-smacking lying liar known as Kimmer will be exposed on national tv. This from the blog known as "Pinch of..."

Will even this national exposure by a network contender be enough? (See 2Big4MySize's Weblog.)

Let me tell you about a few folks I know who are still h*ll bent for Monday on sticking with that site...I'd like to know why you think this is happening.

--My email friend in Florida has lost 61 pounds. She is an active poster at the site of Scammer Diaz. She's a good person, she is a smart woman. She hasn't been sick...but she's not been doing KK as written. I love this gal...thank goodness she's got some sense! She's really doing Atkins, hallelujah...but she hangs on to that site because she's desperate to lose another 60 pounds and finds the forum to be great support.

--My email friend in North Carolina is a KK devotee. She's a smart woman, she owns her own business and yet she parrots the KK poop like it is the gospel. It's probably the nightly wine and buttered bread she cannot say no from time to time that keeps her well.

--Another gal is from Ohio...a friend...she quotes KK chapter and verse. Ms. Ohio owns the yahoo group I belong to - - it is a private email support group based on KK. We came together years ago on another forum. We have been colleagues of sorts for a good while. It was through Ms. North Carolina I heard about KK. The day that the news broke with Hidey's pictures on I delivered the news to them. I was immediately warned not to say anything further negative because it wasn't helpful.

None of these women are ill (yet). And, the reason they aren't (yet) in my opinion is because they cheat ... a lot. They go off the diet and have wine, bread, chips, etc. I don't worry about them much any more. They aren't holding fast to the diet. For them, it is a means to an end. I think that means they'll eventually go back to their old way of eating. In reality, these woman are actually losing because they are on a low calorie diet. They are eating less than they used to.

[I haven't cheated on Atkins intermittently. (Check my cruise posts to know when I did go off the plan for the first time in months and why.) I don't intend to go back to eating my old way. It's not a means to the end. It is a way of life. It is permanent.]

Getting back to the subject, the thing is that I don't understand my friends. I do NOT understand why they will continue to be a party to a lying scamming liar's success. Before I educated myself on KK I was taken in by the b*llsh*t Russian Bride pictures. I was. I admit it. What turned me off of the diet was the research I did which revealed that such a low fat diet was almost a dead solid perfect road to gall bladder problems. Then, I realized that it was a starvation diet.

My friends are a small sampling of the legion which continues to support the KK death site. They don't even care that she's a lying slob who preys on people. I can't even say negative things about her in our little email group. I have been warned!

I actually respect these women I am blogging about. I like them, but I cannot understand the cult-like adulation that these people have for a scum bag.

God bless you all ye anti-kk bloggers. Here's a list of them. Scroll down past them to see the rest of my article. 2BIG4MYSIZE on blogger 2BIG4MYSIZE ON VOX 3fatchicks All about Kimkins antikimkins bamagal becky/littlebit’s blog Cathy low carb transformations
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Cheers to all of you who write tirelessly to agencies and government offices telling them to shut down the site.

The place is a cult gathering place. Dangedest thing I have ever seen. I am sickened by those who KNOW this woman is a big fat fake and yet still patronize her site.

Why ARE people still hanging on to KK?

-1-They are freaking brainwashed. Skimmer has attacked and taken captive a very vulnerable section of people...people who will do anything not to be fat any more. That's just plain evil. It never ends!

-2-They don't care enough about their own health to research the subject and find out that they are screwing with their own body...big time. (They probably also didn't read the fine print on those sub-prime loans with adjustable rates which have now adjusted and caused said parties a heck of a lot of financial trouble.)

-3-They subscribe to some 1963 ideology that if it's in writing it has to be true. "They" would not let "them" say those things if it wasn't safe! (Who the h*ll is they and them?)

Those are my reasons...anyone else got an idea?

My parting thought is it is like 2Big said, "Battling Kimkins is like fighting a forest fire."


2BIG said...

thanks for the link to my blog. There are many more bloggers not on that list too several are part of the SAY no to Kimkins web ring and their is a link to the ring on my blog folk can use to read them

I feel for you trying to convence your friends about the dangers of the diet. is a cult as you say. There is no discussion of the safety of the plan becuase those who don't agree 100% get deleted and banned even thouoght it says membership is for life time.

if you need any amunition for discussing the safety of the plan I have a page on my blog discussing the nutrtion of the plan and some of the health hazzards like the daily lack of EFAs.
Good Morning America will be featuring the health issues of the plan with folk who suffered medical harm from the diet Saturday morning.
thanks ofr all you are doing to help stop Kimmer from harming others.

HoneyBee said...

Thank you for posting the links to my blog. I too have been confused by those who continue to support the Kimkins Diet. The confusion over this issue is right up there with the confusion of why someone will even call it Kimkins when it is not. Like you pointed out it is atkins in most cases if someone is doing the diet in a safe manner.
So why do they stay? I think it has some of the same basic principles of why a woman stays with a man who harms her verbally or physically. They make excuses to their friends about the person's behavior and will not hear of anyone speaking negatively about the person. They can't have a reality check because then it messes up the neat little lie that they are telling themselves. They see some good in the situation and stay for the good, but somehow don't factor in all the bad....Same with it is a bad relationship!

Willa Smith said...

I get a lot of comments regarding the need for an updated blog roll of anti-scammerkins sites.

Would someone email me with it? If posting it on the comments will result in HTML I can cut and paste, that's fine also.

Avenue Girl said...

Those who are really following the plan do not see the side effects until a few months into it. At that point, one has lost a significant amount of weight, and the high you get from that makes is hard to stop, even when your body begins to feel drained. I believe this plan is especially hard to kick for those who have dealt with obesity for a long portion of their life. They are the ones at the highest risk. They feel they are finally in control of their body. It is easy to understand that no one wants to go back to being overweight. The problem is that this WOE is ultimately not healthy, and they are re-training the brain to eat less and less. This method is so fast that you get a false security that you can eat what you want when you get to goal, and if you begin to gain again you just go back on the diet. It will turn into a yo-yo, until you reach the point where your metabolism is completely out of balance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the FWK thread and WildAngel, I just found your blog.
Don't know why I hadn't seen it before now.
As for your friends, I think the others said it well. I would only add that I've noticed that most, who stay at KK (even after the exposure) do so because they want to keep the friends they've met and it must seem easier to walk around with blinders on (trying to forget that anything bad is going on around them). The weight loss seems to do a number on these women. It becomes a high (to see the scales moving in the right direction). They probably think they're doing KK right. They probably overlook the ridiculous starvation advice given there. That's a good thing! All they are trying to do is "justify" their HIGH. Sounds crazy to most of us, but, from what I've seen, it's ramp-id over there.
Hugs to you, and I hope one day you can get through to them

Elle said...

Thank you for the link to my blog, and everyone else's. The more who know about this wreck the better. I hope your friends continue to cheat and stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

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