Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love bacon sandwiches. I just got through fixing myself several hunks of lettuce, slices of crispy bacon and mayo. It was good stuff.

Probably no weight lost this week but I am still on the downward slope. My mind is right to keep on keepin' on. Crazy...I've been craving broccoli with soy sauce and I am just trying not to eat too much of it (steamed, of course) so that I don't get stomach problems.

My friend/neighbor is at 232 and she's starting WWatchers today. She's gained 20 pounds while I have been losing. She said that today she realized that if she didn't get a grip TODAY that her next stop was 250. I told her consider herself already down by 18 pounds and to just start cheering herself on from that.

I also told her that I went six weeks at a time without weight loss at this point but that my method of staying the course was to remember that to choose to do nothing or to eat the "old" way and all you wanted from the wrong things would be to choose to NOT move away from unhappiness. To become happy just stay the course no matter what...never, never, never give in. The wrong foods didn't bring the desired results...change is imperative and necessary to achieve the desired results. To me it's all in how much I DON'T want to be unhappy with myself.

Changing anything takes a lot of thought control and a beginning in your mind followed by the actions which will develop the desired situation. I'm determined in this journey. I'm not going to stop even if it takes me another year to lose the next 20 pounds.

I eat healthy low carb. I don't starve myself. I don't feel deprived and I am able to stay on this diet day in and day out. It's become my nature...every day I move forward with the healthy way of eating is a day I am healthy which I get closer to my goal.

This is the problem with the Kimscam diet...I am talking about the diet discussed on the site, the supposed quick weight loss is the big prize...and if you follow that diet along the way you lose your health and you cheat yourself out of learning persistance and perseverance....and while you are losing your health you are reinforcing that "quick fix" mentality with a diet that won't keep you healthy forever...and in fact, you might do serious damage to your heart.


regandy said...

Hi Willa... just wanted to say greetings from another Texan! I've enjoyed reading your blog and congratulations on your weight loss. I live in East Texas. I love your 6:00 to 6:30 blog!

Willa Smith said...

Thank you so much, regandy!

We must exchange more info "off" this email is


wackytobeme said...

Thanks for posting the warnings about KimKins.
I've read some of your other posts and wish you God's blessing as you move forward in your life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for help in getting the word out about the dangers of kimkins.con.

The verdict of fraud in court on friday was a great victory for all those who help to expose the dnagers of her plan and the fake weight loss she claimed her plan provided her.